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  • Intrism Pro

    3-in-1 Product: A complex wooden puzzle with 180+ precision-cut pieces, a challenging marble labyrinth with 150+ obstacles, and a unique piece of art to display on a desk or shelf to challenge your friends. Premium Quality: Our durable, 3-ply, baltic birch wood is strong with a smooth surface finish. Our ultra-clear display case snaps together and includes scratch-prevention tabs. Fully Inclusive: We pack everything you need right in the box, no tools or glue required. Includes all wooden pieces, the display case, the marble, sandpaper, the assembly guide, and more. Perfect Gift: Entertain family or friends for hours while they put together the puzzle, then turn up the heat with some marble rolling competition. Happiness Guarantee: Not satisfied with the product? Just return it within 30 days in the original packaging for a full refund.
  • In the event of user error resulting in a damaged plastic enclosure, we have replacement sets available for purchase. Each set includes all six interlocking panels.
    Disclaimer: Intrism is shipped nationwide through varying conditions. Because of this, there is a possibility that the included plastic enclosure may have been damaged on its journey to you. If you have purchased Intrism and notice cracks or other defects in the plastic enclosure, please email to request a replacement set of panels free of charge.
  • In the event of the loss or destruction of the included marble, you may purchase a replacement marble. Receive your marble and get back to playing Intrism!
    Disclaimer: If you have purchased Intrism and notice that the included marble is not spherical or is damaged in any way, please email to request a replacement marble free of charge.
  • Stand up your Intrism Pro on a corner for maximum visual appeal. This stand will create an eye-catching piece of art for any shelf or desk.
    • Includes one 6" x 7" wooden sheet with all pieces pre-cut and ready to pop out
    • Instructions laser-engraved onto the wooden sheet along with a visual aid for use during assembly
    • No glue or tools required; simply push each piece together and they will interlock with friction
    Interested in purchasing Intrism Pro and this stand together? Click here and select the bundle to save $5. *Intrism Pro not included with this item